Connections: Relationships & Marriage

by Charlene R. Kamper, MA, CFLE




Table of Contents

Connections: Relationships & Marriage

Author(s): Charlene R. Kamper, MA, CFLE
Keyword(s): Connections: Relationships and Marriage; Fatherhood; Healthy Relationships; Marriage

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Sub-Title: An Interpersonal Relationship Program for Secondary Students
Grades: 11-14
Length: 20 Lessons
Short Description:

The Connections: Relationships and Marriage unit has been written in four sections: Section I – Personality; Section II – Relationships; Section III – Communication; and Section IV – Marriage. The materials have been written to allow the instructor maximum flexibility with the subject matter. Each of the sections can be taught separately when integrated with other subject areas, or they may be taught in sequence as a 20-lesson unit. Instructors may incorporate materials and motivators of their own, which are suitable for their particular groups and are compatible with the stated goals and objectives of the unit.

This curriculum includes a participant workbook, an instructor’s manual, participant copies of The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, marriage unit game cards, and a CD carrying PowerPoint slides.