Lesson 1 (38 Minutes) 1 Copyright 2020 Marline E. Pearson Twelcoming his lesson offers three activities that serve to introduce the curriculum, set a tone, and create an interest in and a motivation for relationship education. The first icebreaker is an engaging drawing activity that asks participants to consider their own experiences with relationships. The drawing activity is fun, puts participants at ease, and works well to invite everyone to participate. The drawing activity transitions into a short discussion. It helps participants see that others experience many of the same issues and challenges they experience. Participants begin to explore why the quality of a romantic relationship matters, how it can affect every other area of a person’s life—school and work, emotional and physical health, and especially one’s children. In this initial session, participants begin to explore why having healthy relationships is so important for themselves and their children (if they have children). They learn that we are in a hopeful, new place today thanks to recent research findings about the patterns that destroy or protect relationships. The second activity helps participants cultivate a vision of the kind of relationships they desire. Participants learn that a vision is important it can serve as a guide for one’s choices and behaviors. The final Red or Green Demonstration illustrates what Love Notes is about. Participants learn they can increase their relationship smarts by learning more about self and about relationships. By acquiring essential relationship skills, they can make decisions, take steps, and engage in behaviors that put healthy relationships within their reach. Overview Relationships Today
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