Lesson 1 2 Copyright 2020 Marline E. Pearson 1. To consider the challenges of relationships today. 2. To explore how relationships affect many areas of life, including one’s (current or) future children. 3. To create a personal relationship vision (hopes, dreams, expectations, goals, etc.) and an understanding that this vision is like a blueprint to our future relationships. 4. To become aware that research-based knowledge and skills can inform good decision-making. 5. To introduce the Trusted Adult Connections. 1.1 Relationships Today (20 minutes) Activity: Relationships Today 1.2 Defining a Vision (5 minutes) Activity: Vision Building 1.3 Choosing Reds or Greens? (8 minutes) Activity: Red or Green Demonstration 1.4 Film Opportunity—Antwone Fisher (Not included in the Evidence Based Program (EBP) Model) 1.5 Trusted Adult Connection (5 minutes) Goals Lesson at a Glance
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