Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson do not normalize teen sexual activity but encourage sexual delay. Teens learn about risky situations for sex and strategies for avoiding them. They use their critical thinking and communication skills to analyze real-life situations and respond to pressure situations. In the following Lesson 11, straightforward, medically accurate information is presented on pregnancy, STDs, and HIV. Contraceptive and condom information is presented in a context of adult, married- couple family planning and does not normalize teen sexual activity. Teens will gain more practice through role-plays with refusal, negotiation, and exit strategies for sexual risk avoidance. The lesson ends with teens creating their own personal policy and plan for staying true to their sexual decisions. Lesson 12 will reinforce sexual risk avoidance by exploring the consequences of unplanned and nonmarital pregnancy through the eyes of a child. Although the Success Sequence for reducing one’s chances of living in poverty was presented in an earlier lesson, it will be revisited in Lesson 12. Become aware of the benefits of making clear decisions about sex versus sliding. Gain a deeper understanding of the dimensions of intimacy. Explore some of the emotional and social risks of teen sex. Define a context for sex that is personally meaningful and protective of one’s aspirations and goals. Become aware of risky situations for sex. Identify sexual boundaries and the risks and benefits associated with them. 10.1 Sex and Sliding (10 minutes) Activity: Music video and discussion, S.E.X. (Lyfe Jennings) 10.2 The Six Parts of Intimacy (15 minutes) Activity: Jessie and Ben—How Connected? 10.3 Understanding Sexual Regrets (8 minutes) Activity: Think/Pair/Share 10.4 Risky Situations for Sex (20 minutes) Activities: Risky Situations for Sex Film: Toothpaste (Scenarios USA) Small Group Discussion 10.5 Know Your Personal Line (8 minutes) Activity: Drawing My Line Parent-Teen Connection Goals Lesson at a Glance 188 LESSON 10
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