Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson LESSON 10 189 Resources Found at End of Lesson: 10a. Chart a Relationship (pg. 204) 10b. Cristina & Bobby—Let’s Analyze (pg. 205) 10c. Parent-Teen Connection—Intimacy and Sexual Decisions (pg. 206) Workbook: Intimacy—It’s Not Just a Physical Thing (pg. 32) The Connections that Build Intimacy (pg. 33) My Personal Line (pg. 34) Materials: The official music video for S.E.X., by Lyfe Jennings, is sporadically found on YouTube. It can be found on the iTunes Store by putting S.E.X. Lyfe Jennings into the search bar and scrolling down to the music video. Purchase for $1.99. Colored markers, flip chart paper Toothpaste (a Scenarios USA short film). Available on YouTube. Downloadable Resources Located at Lesson 10 PowerPoint Presentation Duplicate masters for handouts ⃞⃞ Preview the PowerPoint slideshow and workbook applications. Locate the official music video for S.E.X., by Lyfe Jennings. It tends to be available sporadically on YouTube. The visuals are important. You can purchase the video from the iTunes Store for $1.99. Put S.E.X. Lyfe Jennings in the search bar and then scroll down to the music video. Preview the song or music video and review the discussion prompts found in Section 10.1. ⃞⃞ Duplicate Chart a Relationship worksheet (Resource 10a, pg. 204), one per teen. ⃞⃞ Preview the film, Toothpaste, and discussion activity for Section 10.4. ⃞⃞ Duplicate group worksheet for Cristina & Bobby—Let’s Analyze (Resource 10b, pg. 205). Duplicate Parent-Teen Connection—Intimacy and Sexual Decisions, Resource 10c (pg. 206). Cut in half. Materials Checklist Preparation
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