Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson 10.1 Sex and Sliding This section starts with the observation that sex is one area where many young people slide versus making a real decision. The music video S.E.X., by Lyfe Jennings, is a hook to engage interest and discussion about two people’s interpretation and motivation around sex. This discussion begins the lesson’s exploration of intimacy and sexual meaning to assist teens in defining a context for sex that is personally meaningful and protective of their aspirations. (PP) Open with these statements: The communication skills you’ve just practiced will be particularly important for this section on sexual decision-making. But you need to know your sexual values—what you want—first. Knowing your values and intentions puts you in charge and will strengthen your ability to assert and communicate them to a partner. Let’s first begin by talking about sex and relating it back to the concept of sliding versus deciding. Sex is clearly something many people slide into these days. As we know, sliding can carry some high-cost consequences, like an unplanned pregnancy, an STD, or emotional hurt from a relationship that turns out badly. Announce they are going to watch a music video by Lyfe Jennings to explore this further. (PP) You’ll see the girl in the video is clearly attracted to the guy. Watch for how you think she is interpreting his desire to be physical with her. What is she thinking it means? Then watch the guy. What do you imagine he’s thinking? Directions for everyone: Take out a piece of paper and jot down one or two lines that stand out to you as you watch and listen. Play the music video. Then continue with these discussion questions: What do you think? Were the guy and the girl in the music video on the same page in terms of what it meant? What they were looking for? Listen. Music video, S.E.X. (Lyfe Jennings) 10 minutes 190 LESSON 10
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