Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson Verbal: Jessie and Ben hardly talk at length about anything important. She usually tries to bring up serious topics, but he always changes the subject. The small talk they do have is either about sports (of which she isn’t too interested) or gossip (which he thinks is a bore). They argue a lot over little things. Jessie wants to go to college and loves to read novels and talk about ideas. Ben is not that great at school and would rather not talk about it when he doesn’t have to. Place an “X” somewhere between 0% and 100% to represent their physical connection. Or move. (PP) Emotional: Jessie wants this relationship to last. Ben is pretty hot. Ben likes Jessie and thinks this is okay for now, but definitely doesn’t think much about the future or feel that she is the “one.” Because she’s afraid to lose him, she tries to keep tabs on where he is and whom he is hanging out with. She gets very angry and jealous if he does things without her. Ben ends up giving in to Jessie’s preferences a lot and keeps quiet so he doesn’t have to deal with her mood swings. Also, he’s pretty easy going and would rather not rock the boat. Place an “X” somewhere between 0% and 100% to represent their emotional connection. Or move. Social: His idea of spending time together is having her hang out with his friends or being alone with her and getting physical. She wants to do more things with him, but he’s not that into her interests or what she thinks is fun. Even so, they do both like playing pool and watching videos. Place an “X” somewhere between 0% and 100% to represent their social connection. Or move. Spiritual: Jessie doesn’t go to church anymore. Ben goes to church most of the time and especially on holidays. She likes to talk about serious things like whether God exists or what happens when you die. He makes fun of her serious side and her interest in talking about deep beliefs. He knows what he believes in and would rather not have debates about it. Place an “X” somewhere between 0% and 100% to represent their spiritual connection. Or move. Commitment: He hasn’t thought beyond next month. She’s hoping to talk him into staying in school and going to college with her so that they can stay together. In fact, she’s writing his papers at school to improve his grades. How mutual is their commitment? Make two “X’s” (one for Jessie and one for Ben) somewhere between 0% and 100% to represent their commitment. Or move once to represent Jessie and again to represent Ben. LESSON 10 195
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