Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson Processing the activity: Okay, look at your charts first and then let’s answer these questions. (PP) Read the questions below. Pause for their responses (yes or no). 1. Would you say they have a “best friends” relationship? Do they share basic values? Do they enjoy doing many things together? Do they enjoy talking to each other—sharing thoughts and ideas? 2. How emotionally healthy is their relationship? Is it trusting and secure? Are their feelings for each other mutual? Is it mostly physical or is the attraction on many levels? 3. Do they each have a clear sense of identity (i.e., know who they are)? Do you think they both have a lot more growing up to do? Are they a good match for a long-term relationship? 4. Do you think it is a good idea for them to have sex? Is it likely one or both of them could have regrets down the road? Is it likely that one or the other may end up cheating? What if Jessie gets pregnant? Are they in a place to get married, make a home, and provide what a child needs? Do you think they have a good foundation for a successful future together? To conclude this section: I guess you could say Jessie and Ben don’t have much true intimacy. True intimacy is linking hearts and souls and it’s built slowly over time. It takes time and maturity to know who you are, what you want, and how to build a healthy relationship. Thinking about what true intimacy is and what you want deepening levels of physical intimacy to mean might be useful to help you make important relationship and sexual decisions. 196 LESSON 10
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