4. Sex can keep a bad relationship going that should end or never should have started. Sexual involvement can get a person emotionally connected and make it harder to see what is really there. It can keep people in a relationship that should end much sooner. It can get complicated even for those who think it’s just “friends with benefits,” no strings attached. (PP) Now read aloud Mariah’s quote on pg. 32 in the workbook. Ask the group about her experience—how sexual involvement kept her in the relationship longer than she should have been. Ask teens what else they learned from her story. Discuss her point about how it dominated her life and kept her from doing other things. (Note: Riley can be male or female) Have the group turn to workbook pg. 33 and review the five connections that build intimacy before doing a quick Think, Pair, Share activity. Read aloud Ebony’s quote on pg. 33 of the workbook. Then ask teens to pair up and discuss what each person thinks about Ebony’s decision and the points she makes. Did she do the right thing? Then ask for their responses. Note: An important point here is that while Ebony describes a healthy relationship with AJ, she still decided to hold off on sex. She is happy with her decision and has no regrets. She seems to realize the risks of sexual involvement as a young teen and the freedoms she gains by sticking to her boundaries. 10.4 Risky Situations for Sex This section examines risky situations for sex and offers strategies for avoiding them. This information will be reinforced with an engaging, short film with which teens will practice their critical thinking and communication skills. ACTIVITY Think/Pair/Share Toothpaste (a Scenarios USA short film) Resource 10b: Cristina & Bobby—Let’s Analyze (pg. 205) 20 minutes 198 LESSON 10 Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson
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