Begin with these points: Remember—the majority of teens who get or make someone pregnant or acquire an STD actually didn’t plan or expect to have sex. It just happened. They slid into it. Defining what sex means to you and making a clear decision on your boundary line puts you in charge. Being pressured, unsure, or used is not what good sex is about. You also need to know the signs and situations that make sex more likely—to go further than you want. Conduct a brainstorm by asking teens to identify what kinds of situations they think make a slide into sex more likely. Then add the following if not mentioned: (PP) Drinking, under the influence of substances. Going with someone a lot older than you. Being alone together and kissing and touching for long periods of time. Listening to sexy music. Not having positive reasons in your own mind for waiting on sex. The more you have a positive vision of the kind of relationship you want and the more you have a vision of what you want sex to mean, the more you will be able to confidently resist being pressured. Not having talked about your sexual values and boundaries earlier. Not having an agreement on touch and time alone. Not having clear reasons for why you do not want to get or make someone pregnant at this time in your life. Not being fully aware of how it would impact you, your partner, and a child. Not knowing the facts about pregnancy and STDs. Make a special point on alcohol or drugs. Being drunk or high can cause you to do sexual things that you wouldn’t normally want to do. Date rapes often involve alcohol. Consent becomes difficult, if not impossible, to give or respect when drunk. Mixing sex with alcohol or drugs is just dangerous. ACTIVITY Risky Situations for Sex LESSON 10 199 Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson
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