Basic pointers to reduce risks of going further than you want: 1) Agree on rules for touch. Decide what is okay or not okay. Be concrete, not vague. Is it over the clothes or under the clothes, above the waist or below the waist? 2) Agree on rules for how much time is spent alone, making out, versus doing fun things together or with friends. Clear agreements on touch and the amount of time being physical are needed. If not, sexual arousal is likely to take over and all good intentions will be out the window. Touching sexual parts of the body skin-on-skin will accelerate arousal and will put you in the danger zone for going beyond your intentions. Anyone with a normal sex drive will struggle with stopping points. Decide ahead of time on your line and have a plan regarding time and touch. These will help you stick to your intentions. So to sum it all up, don’t wait until you’re in the heat of the moment. Agree on your ground rules ahead of time. Discuss them with a partner. Have this discussion once you’ve moved from “just friends” into kissing and romantic attraction. This short film, titled Toothpaste, will enhance the points made previously regarding risky situations for sex. Teens will engage in some preliminary responses to such situations. (PP) Let’s watch a film now about sexual decisions and situations that are challenging. It was written by teens. Instructor note on film: Toothpaste is a short film written by teens from Texas and produced by Hollywood filmmakers from Scenarios USA. It involves two Latino girls and their respective relationships. One girl has a healthy relationship with her longtime boyfriend and they are able to talk honestly about their decision to wait on sex. Cristina, on the other hand, has recently fallen for a guy and thinks she’s ready to have sex but at the last moment has second thoughts. By that time, she is in a sticky situation. Unfortunately, this couple is not able to talk openly and honestly. They have never discussed boundaries and Cristina is totally unprepared for his pressure lines. Play film. MEDIA OPPORTUNITY Toothpaste 200 LESSON 10 Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson
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