Briefly debrief on the film before starting structured, small-group discussion. Ask: What did you like about the relationship between Jennifer and Carlos? Listen to responses. Cristina and Bobby had only been going together for three weeks. What from Relationship Smarts PLUS- SRA have you learned that may have helped her in assessing her relationship and making decisions? Let’s quickly make a list of any concepts, skills, and topics we’ve covered that would have helped her. (PP) Have the group divide into pairs or groups of three. Pass out the worksheet on Cristina and Bobby (Resource 10b, pg. 205). Each group jots down their responses to each question. Allow 4 minutes and then ask for volunteers to offer responses and discuss. Instructor note: The point of this discussion is to deepen teen’s reflection on maturity, healthy relationships, the importance of communication, and the benefits of waiting on sex. Cristina and Bobby’s story offers an opportunity to talk, not just about the risk of pregnancy, but risks to the heart as well. The example of Jennifer and Carlos underscores that healthy relationships are respectful of each other and each other’s boundaries. Playing out their lives after Cristina discovers she’s pregnant can help teens understand how that would affect one’s future goals. Finally, be sure to discuss the final questions on the benefits if they had talked about sex and made a clear decision to leave it out of their high school relationships. Instructor note: Be sure to make the point that loving and trusting each other (like Jennifer and Carlos) and using a condom does not ensure that you won’t end up pregnant or making someone pregnant or getting an STD. Even though Jennifer and Carlos are in a long-term, committed relationship and they love each other and trust each other, do you think they are ready to become parents? They are still in high school. Even though they plan on using a condom if they have sex in the future, the reality is that under normal usage, 18 couples out of 100 will become pregnant and for teens, that number is even higher. Even with perfect usage, every year there are couples who get pregnant who relied on condoms as their method of birth control. ACTIVITY Small Group Discussion LESSON 10 201 Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson
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