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Relationship Smarts PLUS 4.0 SRAE

Author(s): Marline Pearson, MA
Keyword(s): Relationship Smarts; Abstinence; Dating Violence; Health; Pregnancy Prevention; Sex Education; Sexual Risk Avoidance; Social Media; SRA; Dating Violence Prevention

Sexual Avoidance Edition

Developing healthy relationship skills is paramount to helping young teens make positive choices and avoid risky behaviors. Relationship Smarts Plus (RQ+) SRA, an adaptation of the evidence-based RQ+ 4.0, builds these skills by appealing to teenagers' aspirations rather than merely emphasizing what they must avoid. The curriculum is specifically geared for vulnerable teens.

Over the course of 13 lessons, RQ+ SRA builds assets and strengthens protective factors to help young teens (middle school and early high school) resist sexual coercion, assert their intentions, and develop plans for their future.

The curriculum has a strong and consistent message on sexual delay and emphasizes the Success Sequence (education, employment, marriage, and then children) to reduce the chance of future poverty.

Detailed description of the RQ+ SRA Course Materials here.

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Sub-Title: Relationships & Romance for Teens
Grades: 8-12
Length: 13 one-hour lessons
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