The non-profit Dibble Institute
promotes relationship training
for youth—especially in the
context of dating and romantic
Our goal is help young people
build a foundation for healthy
romantic relationships now,
and for lasting, positive family
environments in the future.
We do this by
Developing research-based teaching
materials for schools and other youth
Educating opinion leaders and policy
makers on the need for and value of
relationship education.
Serving as a clearinghouse for the field
via our newsletter and website
Training teachers and youth instructors.
Consulting on content implementation
and grant proposals.
Dibble has received extensive professional
recognition for our efforts in youth
relationship education. Our teaching
materials are used nationwide in
classrooms, social agencies, community
groups, and other youth settings.
What young people learn
Dibble materials teach youth how to
be successful in friendships, dating,
and love.
Dealing with emotions
What makes a healthy relationship
Recognizing dangerous relationships
Effective communication
Conflict management
Low-risk dating strategies
The social and emotional sides
of sex
The Dibble Institute:
New and proven ways to teach
young people about healthy relationships and romance
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