Lesson 6 113
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T his lesson offers guidance on how to tell if a relationship is healthy. Utilizing a
clear, three-question framework that defines six types of relationships, participants
will create sculptures to analyze what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like in
the real world. The goal is for participants to develop a deeper understanding of the
differences and be able to develop communication skills for discussing healthy and
unhealthy relationships. A self-assessment exercise helps participants examine their
own relationships.
The importance of fun in keeping healthy relationships alive and well will also be
explored. Youth will engage in a competition to generate a list of fun activities to do
with friends or partners.
Most young people will experience relationships that don’t work. Issues surrounding
breaking up are addressed in the final section. Issues include knowing when it’s time,
better and worse ways, tips on breaking up, and surviving a breakup.
1. Analyze the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
2. Assess a relationship using the three-question guide.
3. Build awareness of the important role of fun in healthy relationships. Brainstorm
fun ideas.
4. Explore issues around breaking up and moving forward.
Is It a Healthy Relationship?
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