Lesson 11 229 Copyright 2018 Marline E. Pearson Tunique his curriculum, and in particular this lesson and Lessons 12 and 13, represent a approach to addressing sexual risk avoidance. Prevention programs often focus on reducing risky behaviors by providing sexual health knowledge of risks and protection, skills, and services. But, many youth lack the motivation to avoid STDs, HIV, and an unplanned pregnancy. They need bigger reasons that will stick even beyond their teen years to follow through on sexual delay and sexual risk avoidance. Love Notes takes a holistic, positive youth-development approach by helping youth to better understand and develop themselves, define their goals, and acquire essential healthy relationship and life skills. It helps teens think about their lives now and into the future. It is by intention that sex is addressed directly at this point in the curriculum, after the material on developing healthy selves and healthy relationship skills. This holistic approach is extended to sexual matters and draws on what they have learned so far about healthy relationships. Before offering health information (Lesson 12), teens consider sexual meaning and contexts. Lesson 11 begins by offering a deeper look at intimacy and behavioral motivations. The exploration of intimacy speaks to young people’s desire for connection, affirmation, respect, and meaning. It helps teens ask some basic questions about whether two people are on the same page about emotions and intentions and desires. They discover the positives that sexual delay offer for ultimately achieving a fulfilling love life. It is not simply about waiting because of negative risks. Teens take ownership over defining a context for sex that is personally meaningful and protective of their aspirations and goals in life. It empowers them to identify their sexual values and intentions versus simply following the cues of the cultural scripts around them. Overview Let’s Talk About Sex
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