ONE: Mind Matters is designed to be taught in 12 one to two hour classes. The foundation of Mind Matters
is the creation of new habits of thinking and behavior. This type of change takes time, effort, determination
and concentration to accomplish. Therefore, the skills taught in this curriculum develop over time with
practice. Teaching this curriculum in 6 to 8 hour long segments will not be effective.
TWO: It is critical for the success of this program, that you are experienced in Mind Matters skills. Before
you teach these skills, we recommend that you give yourself the opportunity to learn and practice them.
In addition, it is essential, as an instructor, that you create a personal growth plan and develop your own
personal practice. By doing these exercises, you will be modeling the desired behavior for your participants as
well as improving your effectiveness as an instructor. As you continue to apply these activities to your life, you
too will benefi t.
THREE: Each lesson follows the same basic outline. This approach provides predictability for participants,
which helps to increase their sense of comfort and safety.
The basic outline of each lesson:
1. Begin with a self-regulation/self-soothing exercise
2. Review previous session’s activities
3. Introduce a new skill with a mini-lecture
4. Learn and practice the skill
5. Briefl y review the benefi t and use of the skill
6. Complete a practice plan to implement the skill beyond the classroom
7. Conclude with a self-regulation/self-soothing exercise
Reminder: For maximum impact, we recommend that each class begin and end with a self-regulation/
self-soothing exercise.
Instructor Guidance
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