X Each lesson includes individual steps and activities necessary for class preparation, listing of goals and objectives for each class, and their order of instruction. Remember, while the self-soothing skills may be used in any order, other activities need to be completed in sequence. Below is a summary of how each lesson is organized. Overall Lesson Information to Review Before Teaching: Why We Do This: Lesson goals and an explanation of the importance of this lesson. This section may also include research or resource information designed to increase the instructor’s and participants’ understanding and appreciation of the lesson. Participant Objectives: Behavioral objectives of the lesson Lesson at a Glance: Overview of the lesson with timing Material Checklist: Lists the materials needed for each lesson, both required and optional. Please note that all video URLs and cell phone app recommendations are in the Online Materials and in the PowerPoint for each lesson. Preparation: Instructor preparation for teaching the lesson. Section Information to Review Before Teaching: Title of Section and Time: Expected time, in minutes, needed to complete the lesson and sections. Preparation Check: List of items necessary for teaching this section. Rationale: Further explains the importance of this section. Safety Tip: Provides an alert, a precaution and a prescription. Rarely do participants experience an unusual emotional reaction to the material. In the off chance this occurs, Safety Tips provide guidance to the instructor and methods of assistance. For Use While Teaching: Let’s GO! Instructor’s script with suggested phrasing written in italics. Initial Self-Soothing Exercise, Review, and Check-In: Three activities comprise the opening of each lesson. o Self-Soothing: Begin class with a self-soothing activity. o Practice Plan Review: Review of the previous class material. o Check-In: Check-in with participants for understanding of material and to build community. Introduction of New Concepts and Exercises: The body of class instruction. Review, Practice Plan, Final Self-Soothing Exercise: Three activities comprise the closing of each lesson. o Review: Brief review of the benefits and use of the skill. o Practice Plan: Plans for implementation of skills beyond classroom. o Final Self-Soothing Exercise: End class with a Self-Regulation/Self-Soothing exercise. Order of Instruction
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