I Forewords II Introduction IV Mind Matters Overview VI Acknowledgements VIII Instructor Guidance IX Order of Instruction X Toolkit & Participant Journal XI Online & Bonus Materials XIII Lesson 1: Self-Soothing 1 Introduction to Mind Matters/Marshmallow Activity Four Self-Soothing Skills Lesson 2: Discover Emotions 15 Body Scan Practice Identifying Emotions Emotions: When They Work and When They Don’t Lesson 3: The Difference Between Emotion and Thought & The Internal Journal 29 Expressing Emotion or Thought Emotion or Thought Chart The Internal Journal Lesson 4: Empathy 43 Building Empathy Loving Kindness Lesson 5: I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends & Wheel of Awareness 55 Mapping Your Support System Wheel of Awareness Lesson 6: Compassion for the Hijacked Brain 67 Introduction of Trauma and ACE Questionnaire Further Information on Trauma Effects of Trauma on the Brain and Behavior ACE Response Checklist Hope: Methods to Build Your Brain Lesson 7: Trauma Containment and Rhythm 83 Trauma Containment Integrate the Senses Through Rhythm Lesson 8: Tapping & Efficient Sleep 91 Learn Tapping Efficient Sleep Lesson 9: Let’s Get Moving 101 Let’s Get Moving Join a Team or Club/Self-Defense Practice Yoga Exercise Program Lesson 10: Life of Intention 111 Your Road Map for Life SMARTER Goals Tell Someone Lesson 11: Code of Honor & Asking for Help 119 Code of Honor/The Honor Shield Asking for Help Lesson 12: The Ongoing Journey 127 Four New Skills Personal Agreement Contract Mind Matters Practice Record Safe Place, Picture, and Anchor Object Bibliography 137 Appendix: One-on-One Instruction 145 Toolkit: (Cardstock in back of Instructor Manual) 1. Breath Exercises: a. Focused Breathing b. Three-Part Breath c. Emotion and Thought Breath Exercise 2. Self-Soothing Skills: a. Peripheral Vision b. 5-4-3-2-1 Skill c. Loving Kindness Exercise 3. Self-Awareness Skills: a. Body Scan b. Wheel of Awareness Table of Contents
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