XII Online & Bonus Materials Be sure to register your Instructor Manual at http://digital.dibbleinstitute.org/MM-MATERIALS/ in order to access the Online and Bonus Materials. With this registration, you will join the community of Mind Matters clients and have access to the following resources. PowerPoint Slide Deck The Online Materials contain the PowerPoint slides for each lesson to bring the concepts to life for participants and to assure fidelity of instruction. This slide show was designed to be engaging with visual imagery that conveys the concepts being covered. The PowerPoint facilitates instruction with content notes at the bottom of each slide. If video clips are used in a lesson, the link to access them is included with that lesson’s slide show. Handout Masters Printable master copies of all student resources and handouts are found in the Online Portal. Bonus Materials: The following resources are also found at the Mind Matters online portal: Additional active, innovative, and participatory exercises and games for every lesson More video suggestions to enhance and deepen learning Cell phone app recommendations to increase student participation in practicing the exercises Tips for follow-up care Thoughts on qualities of a great instructor Ways to utilize Mind Matters to assure trauma informed care With these support materials, you can teach with confidence. Please contact The Dibble Institute if you have any questions. To stay abreast of current research as well as receive invitations to our webinars, please sign up for The Dibble Institute’s eNewsletter at www.DibbleInstitute.org. Once you have purchased Mind Matters, a confirming email will be sent to you with instructions on how to access the online materials.
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