XI Toolkit & Participant Journal Mind Matters Toolkit The Instructor Manual Toolkit contains directions on card stock for the breath exercises, self-soothing skills, and self-awareness skills that are used in different lessons. It is found in the Instructor Manual pocket, and is easily accessible because the instructor relies on directions from it for every lesson. Master copies of these exercises are also available to download in the Online Materials. (http://digital.dibbleinstitute.org/MM- MATERIALS/). Participant Journal The Participant Journal is an essential component of this curriculum. It is designed to amplify learning through sound educational principles, deepen understanding of concepts, and encourage practice and acquisition of skills between sessions. Participants regularly make a written commitment to practice, evaluate their success, and record their accomplishments. The more participants apply Mind Matters’ concepts to their personal lives, the more benefits they will receive. At the end of the program, participants receive their journals to continue to review, reflect on, and apply what they have learned. The Participant Journal includes: Personal reflection each lesson’s activities related to concepts taught in class The ACE Questionnaire and ACE Response Checklist Practice Plans and Reviews of Practice to apply what they have learned Self-Soothing coloring pages for participants to use in class when needed A final Personal Agreement Contract and Practice Record listing all skills learned to assist participants in their continued use after the program ends Directions for every exercise learned during the program Tips for Using the Participant Journal Time to complete journal activities is built into every class. It is recommended that at the beginning of each lesson, participants start on the Practice Plan Review before class starts. Because the journals are necessary to teach Mind Matters, instructors may wish to keep them between classes, assuring participants that their journals are confidential and will not be read by the instructor or anyone else. It is highly recommended that participants do not take their journals home until the Mind Matters program is over. Occasionally participants are given written homework to be completed between classes. For those activities, reproducible handouts are found in the Instructor’s Manual at the end of those lessons and in the Online Materials.
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