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Address breaking-up issues: Is it time? Better and worse ways moving forward.
Deepen awareness of abusive behaviors and warning signs of dating violence.
Raise awareness of types of dating violence signs of greatest danger getting help harm to children.
Increase understanding of sexual assault and what consent is and is not.
Encourage setting boundaries and applying them at the first signs of disrespectful behavior,
accessing help and support, viewing teen-friendly websites.
Raise awareness of sex trafficking to reduce risks.
6.1 Breaking Up (10 minutes)
Activities: Is It Time? Better and Worse Ways to Break Up Surviving a Breakup Music video &discussion
6.2 Early Warnings and Red Flags (15–20 minutes)
Activities: Red Flags Video Clip: Teen Dating Violence PSA
6.3 Violence: Why it Happens, What Helps, Signs of Danger (8 minutes)
Activities: Types of physical partner violence Warning Signs Harm to Children Optional: Ted Talk, A
Call to Men
6.4 Sexual Assault (5 minutes)
Activities: Tea and Consent video clip Discussion on consent
6.5 Draw the Line of Respect (5 minutes)
Activities: Draw the Line of Respect Video clip: Respect Me Helping Friends
6.6 Sex Trafficking—Prevention (5 minutes)
Trusted Adult-Teen Connection
Materials Checklist
Resources Found at End of Lesson:
6a. Breakup Tips
6b. Surviving a Breakup
6c. Instructor Discussion Tips for It Depends Cards
6d. Worried about a Friend?
6e. Sexual Assault and Consent
Lesson at a Glance
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