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Select about 10 Warning Signs Activity Cards (Resource 6g), more or less depending on the time you
have or information students have shared in earlier class times. Include all or some “It Depends” cards.
Study the Instructor Discussion Tips: It Depends Cards (Resource 6c).
(PP) Pass out a red and a white square to each youth.
We’re going to do an activity to clarify behaviors that are verbally,
emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive. And we’ll also clarify what
behaviors are safe and normal.
Notice one square is red, which stands for abusive, and the other is white
with a question mark. The white square means “It Depends”—the behavior
could be perfectly safe and normal, or not, depending on the situation. We’ll discuss these.
I am going to read a situation. Once I finish and put my finger up, everyone will raise either a red
square if you think it’s abusive or a white square if you think “it depends,” meaning it could be perfectly
normal, depending on the situation. Let’s start.
When white cards go up, even if it’s just one or a few, ask volunteers to say why the situation can be
normal and safe. Then, ask everyone to think of a situation where it could cross the line into abuse.
Be sure to also ask, even when everyone puts up a red card, why a situation is harmful—why it’s an
abusive behavior.
Important Instructor Note: The discussion comparing and contrasting situations and behaviors that
are safe and those that cross into harassment, sexual abuse, and dating violence is the purpose of this
activity. With white cards, ask the youth to describe situations where the behavior described would
be normal and safe, and then to describe the situations in which it crosses the line into abusive. This is
where the instructor resource Instructor Discussion Tips: It Depends Cards (Resource 6c) will help you.
Also, decide which red cards need emphasis and discussion. Carefully review and select the Warning
Signs Activity Cards (Resource 6g) you will use.
(PP) Play this moving 3-minute clip produced by the Southern Valley
Alliance. A diverse array of young people describe real-life examples.
Red Flags
Teen Dating Violence PSA
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