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LESSON 6 109
Everyone deserves respectful language and behaviors.
No matter what has happened in the past, it’s never too late to raise the bar for how you expect to be treated and for
how you treat others.
Always remember: A victim, no matter what, is never to be blamed for the actions of a perpetrator.
(PP) Let’s watch this video clip on respect—on drawing the line of respect.
(2:21 minutes)
Instructor Note: The film’s message is self-evident and very inspiring. No
need for discussion.
As we mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why so many teens who experience forms of abuse,
assault, or coercion do not report it and reach out for help.
It is important to reach out to caring adults.
(PP) Let’s look at a website that is full of info, videos, quizzes, how to tell
what kind of relationship you have, if it’s abusive, what to do, how to help a
friend, pages for LGBTQ+, and more.
Note: Take a moment with teens to browse the Love Is Respect website.
A great opportunity to have youth take out their phones and locate. Click on some of the tabs so they
can see this rich trove of resources. Please have them note the “En Espanol” on the homepage. There is
a 24/7 chatline, a direct voice helpline, and a texting option.
(PP) Pass out Worried About a Friend, Resource 6d. Give a few seconds
to look at “Signs...”. Invite any questions on “What can I say?” and
“What can I do?”.
Instructor Note: Always remind students that you can direct them to a
counselor or support services that specialize in helping teens.
Media Opportunity
Respect Me
Getting Help &Helping Friends
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