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Study the Instructor Discussion Tips for It Depends Cards (Resource 6c) to help you prepare for
the activity.
Preview the video clips, Tea and Consent (hyperlinked in the PowerPoint slide), Teen Dating
Violence PSA, and Respect Me, which are directly embedded in the PowerPoint slides.
Review the journal pages, Draw the Line of Respect (pgs. 14–15).
Duplicate Worried about a Friend? Resource 6d as a handout.
Browse the websites and to become familiar with the tabs,
resources, and accessibility for the youth to access text, chat lines, info, quizzes, etc. Also, browse
Duplicate Sexual Assault and Consent Resource 6e as a handout.
Preview the optional Ted Talk by Tony Porter, A Call to Men (hyperlinked), and decide if you will
use. It will add time to the lesson.
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