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108 LESSON 6
Let students know you can direct them to a school counselor or others who specialize in helping
teens. Inform students of the anti-sexual violence website for information and getting
connected to help.
Pass out Resource 6e Sexual Assault and Consent and review the points with students. Ask which points
they feel are new or most important.
6.5 Draw the Line of
(PP) Here is a critical point that most people don’t realize. Partner violence
doesn’t pop up out of nowhere one day. Injuries and even killings don’t
pop up out of nowhere.
It can be traced back to earlier behaviors of disrespect, such as put-
downs, name-calling, pressuring, shaming, controlling behaviors, etc.
Dangerous love can start with these disrespectful words and behaviors and
escalate into pushing, shoving, hitting, and on to serious harm, injury, controlling behaviors, and even murder.
It is important to assertively draw the line at the first sign of disrespect.
You should insist on being spoken to respectfully from the very start.
Put-downs, name-calling, crude cussing, hostile accusations, threats, pressuring, and controlling
behaviors are not part of a healthy relationship.
And slapping, shoving, or pushing is unacceptable. Remember dating violence begins from these
first behaviors.
When it comes to physical intimacy, you absolutely have a voice and do not have to do anything you
don’t want to do—from holding holds, kissing, touching, to more.
Your goal is to not tolerate disrespect from when it first starts—physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual.
Journal: Draw the Line of Respect (pgs.
Resource 6d: Worried about a Friend?
5 minutes
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