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6f. Templates for Red/White Flag Squares. One template has 4 squares with flags. Run on red
cardstock paper. Cut in four squares and make enough, so each youth gets one. The second
template has 4 squares and each has a flag with a question mark. Run on white card stock
paper. Cut in four squares and make enough, so each youth gets one. Each youth gets a red
and white square. Duplicate templates for electronic copying are found in the digital download
for this lesson.
Activity Cards Located in Back of the Manual:
6g. Warning Signs Activity Cards (Locate colored cards in back of manual.) Cut them up.
Draw the Line of Respect (pgs. 14–15)
Purchase red and white cardstock paper for Red Flags activity.
Three short videos: Tea and Consent (hyperlinked in the PowerPoint slide). Teen Dating Violence
PSA and Respect Me are embedded directly into the PowerPoint slides.
A Call to Men, a Ted Talk by Tony Porter, 11-minute video is optional. Preview and decide if
you’ll play. It is hyperlinked in the PowerPoint slide.
Downloadable Resources Located at
Lesson 6 PowerPoint Presentation
Duplicate templates for Red/White Flag Squares, Resource 6f
Duplicate masters for handouts and activity cards
Preview Lesson 6 PowerPoint slides as you carefully read through the lesson.
Duplicate Breakup Tips (Resource 6a) and Surviving a Breakup (Resource 6b) back-to-back for a
handout and possible use as a Trusted Adult-Teen Connection activity. View the suggested music
videos and determine if you have the time to play one. It will add time to this section.
Review and select the Warning Signs Activity Cards (Resource 6g) for the Red Flags activity. Be sure
to include “It Depends” cards as well as red flag-abuse cards. They are indicated on the cards
with either a solid flag or a flag with a question mark.
Locate templates at the end of the lesson (Resource 6f) for Red Flag squares and White Flag
squares. Duplicate the Red Flags on red cardstock and the White Flags on white cardstock. Cut
each page into four squares along cut lines. Duplicate enough, so each student gets a red and
white square for the Red Flags activity. Be sure to collect after the activity and reuse. You may find
laminating them helpful.
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