Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson 94 LESSON 6 4. You’re hanging with someone who has feelings much stronger than yours and is pushing you for greater involvement. You like them, but not the same way they are into you. Ask if there are other reasons why a teen couple should break up. Present some common reasons for breaking up: (PP) The biggest reason people break up is because feelings change. After those love chemicals settle down a bit and you see the person more clearly—and as you learn more about their character, personality, interests, and values— you may decide that you really don’t fit. Breaking up doesn’t necessarily mean you or the other person is bad—you may just not be right for each other. You may have discovered some troubling behaviors, like difficulty handling anger or problems with drug or alcohol abuse. And another common reason is even when two people like each other, one may simply not be ready for that level of involvement. They may want to experience other people and places. The teen and young adulthood years are a time of figuring out yourself, where you are going, and discovering which friends and partners fit with you. Deciding to leave sex out of your teen relationships may make it easier to break up and learn from those experiences. Begin this activity with a quick brainstorm. Ask the group to identify the worst ways they’ve seen people break up among people at school or elsewhere. As they offer examples, ask them to describe how that feels to the person on the receiving end. (PP) Brainstorm before advancing the bullets on the PowerPoint slide. Do it through a text. Get a friend to tell them. Don’t say anything but let it be known through your social media. Send a photo/video of you and someone else. Common Reasons ACTIVITY Better and Worse Ways to Break Up
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