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Lesson 6 114
6.1 How Can You Tell? (30 minutes)
Activities: Relationship Sculptures Assessing Relationships
6.2 Having Fun—It’s Important! (5 minutes)
Activity: Fun Brainstorm Competition
6.3 Breaking Up (20 minutes)
Activities: Is it Time? Better and Worse Ways Surviving a Breakup Supplemental:
Music video and discussion
Trusted Adult Connection
Resources Found at End of Lesson:
6b. Breaking Up Tips handout
6c. Surviving a Breakup handout
6d. Is it Healthy or Unhealthy? handout
Activity Cards Located in Back of Manual:
6a. Six Types of Relationships Activity Cards (class set): Locate colored cards in
back of the Manual. Cut six cards. Duplicate masters can be downloaded at
Lesson 6 PowerPoint slideshow is a digital download that comes with the curriculum.
Easy-to-follow download directions are found at
Sculpting Materials:
Play-Doh (2 colors per group. If containers are the tiny ones, have more)
Colored pipe cleaners
Lesson at a Glance
Materials Checklist
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