33 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Adapted and used with permission from PREP for Individuals. Speaker Listener Log The Speaker Listener technique helps you listen to each other rather than interrupting, disagreeing, or thinking of your response while the other person is talking. Keep a log of your practices (5-15 minutes each). Example: Sat. Oct. 2, 15 min. Used S/L with my partner about time alone/time together, which has been an issue for us. It started kind of rough, but then we listened to each other and cleared up some misunderstandings. Entry #1: Entry #2: Entry #3: You can use it secretly: “Hey, instead of us both talking over each other, how about we take turns. You want to go first?…” “Let me see if I heard you right…” “Is this what you said…?” “My turn now." Sample Do Not Distribute speaker listener log
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