26 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Decision #1: ____________________________ In order to make this decision, I would need… l to talk to a school counselor to establish a plan to finish school (high school equivalency). l to meet with a community college advisor to explore programs and career paths. l to visit, apply, enroll, or re-enroll in college. l to discover if we are compatible in ways that are important to us—interests, goals, ambition, and energy levels. l to be together for 6 to 9 months—until the love chemicals settle and I’m seeing more clearly. l to have a discussion about my sexual values, boundaries, and how I want to pace my involvement. l to know my partner respects my sexual values. l evidence partner is responsible—attends school, holds job, can handle money, is bettering self. l to trust my partner to be faithful. l to brainstorm ideas for having fun with my partner. l to know my partner will take responsibility with me to prevent a pregnancy and/or STDs. l to discuss the good and not-so-good baggage from our pasts. l to meet each other’s families. l to have a conversation about our relationship expectations and core values. l to have an honest discussion about our level of commitment to each other. l to be engaged or married. l to be settled with a stable job, a place to live, and to be in a healthy marriage for at least a year. l to know we are both willing to work on communication. Sample l my partner to complete anger management classes. l to know my partner is drug-free or working a recovery program. Distribute l to know if my partner has been abusive in past relationships. l to talk to a health professional. l to know if my partner would use a condom. l to use/agree on a method of birth control. l both of us to get tested for STDs. l to feel respected. l to feel emotionally and physically safe. l to know if my partner will take a parenting workshop with me or watch or read parenting skills resources. l to know my partner agrees on waiting for a second child until we’re more settled. l to have a conversation about future plans for marriage. l to attend a relationship or marriage skills workshop together. How will gathering this information help me make a decision? And how will making clear decisions help me have the life I would like? Do Not making decisions
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