25 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Below is a list of things a person really could make a conscious decision about, rather than just letting it happen. Look over the list and consider which of these might be important for you to make a decision about, either now or in the future. Check 3 or 4 things you’d like to make a decision about. Distribute l My education and job/career plans l Whether to take it from just friends to a romantic level l Kiss—make out l To be known as a couple—be exclusive l To clarify my own sexual values, boundaries, and how I want to pace my involvement l When and how to start a discussion with a partner about sex l To have the DTR talk (define the relationship) with my partner l To say, “I love you” l How we can have more fun together l To have sex or to continue to have sex l To get tested for STDs/HIV l Which birth control is best for me l A plan—that we both take responsibility for—for how we’ll prevent STDs and/or pregnancy l Whether I want to commit to a future together l To get engaged—married l To live together l When to have a child (or a second child) Focus on 1 decision and proceed to the next page. Check items on the following page that can help you make this decision. Do in pencil so you can go back and do the same thing for additional decisions that will help you reach your goals. Making Decisions Sample Do Not making decisions
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