54 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson My Life with Technology and Social Media The tools of the digital age can help us in so many ways—and they can also have negative effects on our relationships, our health, and achieving our goals. To gain the benefits of what this technology has to offer us today and avoid some of the pitfalls and risks, it helps to be intentional. What are your plans to be in control of your use of technology vs. technology controlling you? How can you use it and not have it interfere with your relationships, your health, and achieving your goals? Be specific about your intentions on what you use, how much, and for what purposes. Think about: Texting (when, how much, what purpose) Social Media (which apps, how you use them, what controls Gaming (how will you balance your time enjoying it with other activities?) Sexting (your own rules, how you’d handle being pressured) Pornography (what have you decided about your own personal policy regarding pornography) Sample Do Not Distributeyourself)forrulesorsetcanyou success planning
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