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It’s important to consider what you want any level or kind of physical intimacy to mean. It’s easy to get caught
up in the moment and slide when it comes to sex, especially if you’ve not given serious thought to the context
and timing for sex that is personally meaningful to you.
These two pages are meant to help you think about where you want to set your line and what you’d want that
level of physical intimacy to mean. It’s also meant to help you think about how you want to pace a relationship—
when and under what conditions you’d move your line.
If you know what you truly want, you will be in a stronger place to communicate and assert yourself. And
remember, it cuts both ways. Being mature and ethical also means asking, listening, and respecting the other
person’s line.
1. Drawing Lines:
Put an X” on the scale above to indicate where you draw your line or where you want to draw it in your
next relationship if you’d like to do things differently. Setting a clear line makes it more likely you can hold
to that line.
pacing relationships
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