8 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Faithfulness: Do you expect your partner to be faithful? What about yourself? What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating on you? I expect… Commitment: What does commitment mean to you? What kinds of things would show you that your partner was committed to you? I expect… Sex: If/when you have sex (or are having sex), what do you want it to mean? A physical connection with no particular meaning or expectations? Having mutual feelings for each other and a relationship? Connected to love and commitment? Engagement/marriage? I expect… STI/Pregnancy Prevention: If you become involved sexually, what will you and your partner do to take responsibility for preventing STDs and/or pregnancy? When should you have that conversation? I expect… Pregnancy: If you or your partner became pregnant, would you expect to marry and raise your child together? What are your views on adoption, abortion, or raising a child alone in the case of an unintended pregnancy? I expect… Sample Do Not Distribute my expectations
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