Relationship Pitfalls
Green Personality Tendencies Watch Out for these Potential Relationship Pitfalls:
Yellow Personality Tendencies Watch Out for these Potential Relationship Pitfalls:
Orange Personality Tendencies Watch Out for these Potential Relationship Pitfalls:
Major Strength: You are respectful and concerned about others. Your word is your bond. Greens are a source of hope and
change in other people’s lives. They are fair in their dealing with everyone and very reliable and dependable.
Pitfalls: You would rather fantasize about spending your paycheck than balancing your
You must watch out for becoming judgmental or feeling that your perspectives and values are superior to other people’s.
Sometimes you make things more complicated than they need to be or over simplify complicated things.
Greens become discouraged when they think the world or people around them are out of tune with the RIGHT values.
They don’t care about being right. They care that things are right with the world.
Your focus on what is fair or right for the world can make you less sensitive to the needs of individuals.
You can get lost in causes and your personal and individual relationships can suffer.
You can get very frustrated when you believe things “are not fair.”
Major Strength: You are gentle and kind. Yellow personality types are all about the here. Distribute
They provide stability and
consistency in any work environment. They are considered support staff because that is what they love to do, support
people. They are pleasers who avoid confrontation at all costs. Sample
Pitfalls: You have a tendency to give in to others to avoid conflict.
You don’t care as much about being right as you do about being loved. This could make you more vulnerable to choosing
or staying with a partner who might take advantage of you or not treat you well.
Your heart can overrule your head, so be sure you make clear decisions about relationships.
When you are hurt or are not appreciated, you might use guilt to attempt to get what you need rather than being direct
and telling others what you want to see happen.
You have a tendency to over-commit yourself.
It is very hard for you to say NO. Many times, you will sacrifice your own needs for the needs of others.
Major Strength: You inspire people to have fun and try new things. Orange tendencies are motivating and thrive in an
environment where they can have a voice in making major decisions. They are natural networkers who rarely meet a
stranger. They usually know a lot of people. They are fast-paced and people oriented. They need recognition and thrive on
Pitfalls: You act without thinking about consequences. This can get you into trouble.
You communicate well when you take the time to do it, but you need to slow down and listen.
You aren’t as interested in being right as you are in getting your way.
You think you already know what others are going to say.
You can wind up manipulating people. This can make it hard for others to trust you.
You have a hard time balancing your commitments and having fun. Enjoying life is a priority to you. The song “Girls Just
Wanna Have Fun” was written for orange color personality tendencies.
You can be so focused on having a good time that you have a hard time following through on the things you told others
that you would do.
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