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7 Principles of Smart Relationships
1. Seek a good match. Do your personalities and
interests fit together in a good way?
2. Pay attention to values. Are they in sync?
3. Don’t try to change a partner or friend into
someone they are not. Do you genuinely like
who this person is?
4. Don’t change yourself to get someone’s love
or friendship.
5. Don’t run from conflict. Sample
Expect good
communication and a willingness to work on
6. Don’t play games, be phony, pressure, or
use someone.
7. Expect respect. Have standards for how you
are treated.
These principles are adapted from the work of Les and Leslie Parrott. Taken from
the book Relationships by Dr. Les Parrott, III and Leslie Parrott. Copyright. Used by
permission of The Zondervan Corporation.
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