Lesson 6 129 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Selena Gomez (Lose You to Love Me) sings she had to “lose you to love me.” Ask: What does that mean to you? Point out that early romances and breakups can be learning experiences. Remember, good relationships start with you—knowing yourself, what’s important to you, and your goals. It’s knowing what is and isn’t a healthy relationship. It’s using the Seven Principles of Smart Relationships to guide you in getting to know a person. And importantly, taking it slow. (PP) Offer participants a choice for their TAC Activity. 1. Handout Breaking Up Tips (Resource 6b) and Surviving a Breakup (Resource 6c). Read both breakup handouts and tell each other which tips you feel are really important. Then ask your TA if one of these tips, in particular, might have been helpful to them when they were younger. 2. Discuss the Is it Healthy or Unhealthy? (Resource 6d). Do you agree that these 3 questions capture a lot? Ask your TA if they have additional wisdom or stories to share with you about healthy or unhealthy relationships. Trusted Adult Connection
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