27 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson If you desire to have a middle-class income or higher and avoid poverty, achieving a certain number and combination of life’s big things can increase your odds. Finishing high school and full-time employment by age 25 (or enrolled in further training/education) are key essentials. A healthy marriage can add to income level. And in addition to education and employment, if a person envisions children someday— and wants to do so with a partner in a stable and satisfying relationship—then the sequence of marriage before baby can make a big difference. Do Success Pathways for Parents… Be the best parent you can be while finishing your education/training and obtaining full-time employment. WAIT on a 2nd child until you achieve some of your education/training goals, are employed, and with a committed partner—spouse. Pathways & Sequences Towards Success The vast majority of young people who follow one of these pathways land in the middle to upper-income groups by the time they are in their 30s, whether born rich or poor. Finish High School, and better yet, more education/training Full-time employment -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sample Not Distribute pathways & sequences towards success
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