Lesson 6 125
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Begin this section with a quick brainstorm. Ask the group to identify the worst ways
they’ve seen people break up among people at school or elsewhere. As they offer
examples, ask them to describe how that might feel to the person on the receiving end.
Instructor Note: This section is important. Some participants experience serious
emotional distress and even suicidal thoughts or attempts around a breakup.
(PP) Brainstorm before advancing the bullets on the
PowerPoint slide.
Do it through a text.
Get a friend to tell them.
Don’t say anything but let it be known through your
social media.
Send a photo/video of you and someone else.
Just ignore the person in the hope they’ll get the message. (Ghosting)
Be seen with another person or worse, go out with their best friend.
Do things to make the person break up with you.
Next, ask the group if the following statement is a good thing to say if someone
wants to break up:
We can still hang with each other as friends.
After you hear their responses, ask if that statement might merely be a cop-out or
putting off the inevitable. Plus, does it give false hope to the one who is being dumped?
So many people break up in these ways, yet we know it feels awful to the person on the
receiving end.
Activity: Better and Worse Ways to Break Up
Breakup Tips
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