Lesson 6 123
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Breaking Up
B eing in an unhealthy relationship is a good reason to break up. There are other good
reasons as well. This section addresses several important issues around breaking up:
knowing when it’s time, worse and better ways, and tips for breaking up and moving on.
It’s been said, “People are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”
Not every friendship or romantic relationship is meant to last.
Just as there are healthy and unhealthy ways to start a relationship, there are healthy and
unhealthy ways to end one.
But how do you know when it’s time? How will you end it? And how will you move on?
Many people have wondered about whether or not they should break up. Sometimes it’s confusing.
Let’s look at a few situations. Give your opinion by a thumbs up or down (or shout out) on
whether you think they should stay together or break up.
Encourage discussion by asking why or why not and adding your wisdom as needed.
Do not spend more than three minutes on this.
(PP) Situations:
1. You just don’t feel the same way as you did when you first started
talking. Besides, you two hardly have anything in common.
Resource 6b: Breaking Up Tips
Resource 6c: Surviving a Breakup
Supplemental: Music video
Resource 6d: Is it Healthy or Unhealthy?
10 minutes
Activity: Is it Time?
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