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Is It a Healthy Relationship?
Anyone can have doubts about their relationship. Is it worth it? Should I stay?
The answers to these questions below can help you know. They may help you decide if you should end it
or identify what needs to change to continue. If you are not in a relationship, use them to understand the
problems of a past relationship or to analyze a close friend’s relationship. This exercise will help you know
what to pay attention to when you start a first or new relationship.
Place an x”
on the line to indicate where the relationship is/was.
Does it feel conditional?
I worry about not being good enough. I don’t
feel free to be the real me.
I feel I need to act, talk, or look a certain way
or have money to keep their attention.
I’m afraid that my partner might leave if I
don’t do everything they want me to do.
Or unconditional?
My partner admires and appreciates the real
me. I don’t have to pretend to be perfect.
I can rely on my partner to be faithful.
My partner shows that they really want to be
with me.
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