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My Relationship Vision
Look back at what you wrote on page 1 in your journal. After reflecting on all you’ve
learned in Love Notes (see box at the bottom of this page), please expand in more detail
about the kind of relationship and partner you desire for your future.
My Relationship Reality
If you are in a relationship or have been in one, respond to the following question. In reflecting on what you’ve
learned (see box at the bottom of this page), offer an honest appraisal of how healthy or unhealthy, safe or unsafe
the relationship is or was. If you have not had a relationship, do an assessment of a close friendship you have.
*If you’re not sure, check out LoveIsRespect.org
Handling Attractions—Making Relationship Decisions
Reflecting on all you’ve learned, what will be most helpful in guiding your relationship choices in the future?
What will help you most in handling your attractions and making smart decisions about your relationships in
the future?
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