6 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson What are you looking for in a partner/friend? What qualities are important to you? Check your top 10. l Caring/kind to others l Dependable/reliable l Good looking l Positive attitude l Athletic/physically fit l Intelligent l Doesn’t drink (or drink too much) l Good listener l Clean and neat l Rich l Responsible with money l Easygoing l Romantic l High energy l Honest/trustworthy l Adventurous/will try new things l Sensitive l Has drive/goals l Real, not fake l Drug-free l Has good relationship with family l Respects me l Good dancer l Outgoing/friendly l Has skills/talents l Same cultural background as me l Shares my interest in ________________________ l Carefree l Religious/spiritual l Good work ethic l Doesn’t want to change me l Fun l Good manners/polite l Artistic/creative l Confident/has good self-esteem l Respects my sexual boundaries l Affectionate l Imaginative l Good with children l Faithful l Quiet and thoughtful l Can disagree and fight fairly l Good conscience l Sense of humor Top 3 What are the 3 qualities that are must-haves for you? 1. 2. 3. List 3 things you could not accept in a partner/friend (Example: drugs, no drive/ambition.) 1. 2. 3. Focus on your top 3 and answer this question: In a new relationship/friendship, how long would it take you to know if these were present? What’s Important to Me? Sample Do Not Distribute what’s important to me?
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