12 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Take a look at the list of phrases describing a person of character: has an internal moral-ethical compass does the right thing because it is the right thing to do tries to live by their values is reliable—comes through has a good work ethic can be trusted to keep information private when asked to is kind, honest, and real sets goals and takes steps to try to achieve them can put a child’s needs before their own is responsible with school, job, money, and other obligations Put an “X” on the scale below where you think you fall with respect to character development, and then jot down your responses to the question. Me What things can you work on to strengthen your own character? Partner or Friend What things can your partner or friend do to strengthen their character? A word of advice: It’s always better to focus on what you have control over—yourself. Working on your own growth and development is what’s most important. This exercise is just to get you thinking about character development in yourself and others. Becoming a Person of Character A person is not born with good character works to develop it through their own actions, and choices. Character is who we are when no is looking. Sample Do Not Distribute becoming a person of character
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