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Offer these words of wisdom to survive a breakup when you are the one being dumped:
First, it’s important to have a reality check—most people will have heartbreaks. Very
few people have the luck of not experiencing it at some point. Perhaps most important in
handling a broken heart are the messages you give yourself.
It is natural to feel really hurt. Go ahead and cry. Crying is a great way to get your
emotions out. It’s normal to feel miserable when someone you like breaks up with you.
It’s important to find a wise person you can trust to talk to, like a parent, an aunt, an
older sibling, or a cousin. Pick a good shoulder to lean on—not a friend who encourages
drama or revenge.
(PP) Offer participants these basic tips for dealing with a broken
heart and disappointment. It’s important. Some young people go
through a serious emotional spiral down—depression and even
suicide—after a breakup.
Face reality, and don’t be obsessed with winning this person back. You can’t force a
relationship. It sacrifices your dignity to beg for a relationship, act desperate, or try to chase
the person. And you deserve to be in a relationship with someone who wants to be with you
and likes you for who you are.
Don’t blame yourself. There are lots and lots of reasons why relationships end. Make a
list of your positive qualities. Work to make the changes you want. Ultimately, you want a
relationship with someone who admires you, recognizes your qualities, is as crazy about you
as you are about them, and accepts you as you truly are. Also, make a list of what you want
in a partner. What qualities are you looking for, and what’s important? What can you learn
from this relationship?
Stay away from the revenge game. Forget about getting even or spreading rumors. It
might be tempting, but it’s immature, and it can keep you from moving on after a breakup.
Surviving a Breakup
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