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assess a relationship (past or present) and to make important decisions. These frameworks
also help them to identify what needs to change or improve for a relationship they want
to continue. Importantly, young people learn the red flags of unhealthy and dangerous
relationships and ways to access support and exit safely. A key concept that is highlighted
throughout is the benefits of taking one’s time, making clear decisions, versus sliding
quickly into involvements. Another important topic is how to handle break-ups safely
and as learning experiences and then tips for moving forward.
Improving Communication Skills
This program includes a powerful set of evidence-based skills to improve
communication, negotiation, and the handling of conflict. These skills are adapted
from PREP, the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program of the University of
Denver. Participants practice new ways to handle anger and regulate strong emotions.
They learn a technique for how to talk through difficult or sensitive issues. They learn
how to more effectively raise issues and complaints, recognize hidden issues, and solve
problems within their relationships. The communication skills components are essential
for success in all relationships—intimate, family, peer, school, and for cooperative
interactions in the workplace.
Strengthening Intimate Partner Violence Prevention
Building robust knowledge and skills for healthy relationships provides a positive and
proactive way to prevent intimate partner violence (IPV). It is difficult to steer clear of
or exit a destructive relationship if a young person has seen few healthy relationships
and has little clue about how to form and maintain a healthy relationship. This
problem is compounded if they have little insight into themselves, the influence of past
experiences on their lives, and perhaps some unaddressed issues. The vision-building,
skills, guides, and frameworks in Love Notes help raise young people’s confidence that
they can develop healthy selves and healthy relationships. Love Notes contains activities
to identify early warning signs of abuse along with how to set boundaries and apply
them at the first sign of disrespect. It also raises awareness of how children are harmed
by turbulent and destructive parental and partner relationships. To this new edition has
been added content on sexual assault and consent as well as sex trafficking prevention.
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