Trusted Adult: Read the above. Which would you emphasize? Offer any additional wisdom you have on what makes a healthy relationship and/or what signals an unhealthy relationship. Signature: ____________________________________ I s I t C ond i i ? You worry about not being good enough. his person makes you feel little. You feel like you have to be or look a certain way in order to keep their attention or love. You worry a lot about being dumped. You can’t be the real you. You have to wear a mask. There is little trust or security. C ontroll i or D is re s pe c tful ? One person needs to be the “boss”. They ridicule the words and actions of the other and show little interest in their feelings. The controlled person worries about upsetting their partner or friend and often avoids saying or doing things. The controller does not support their friend or partner and, in fact, often tries to hold them back. One or both feels they are entitled to express in any way they choose. M o s tly about S tatu s , S ex , or M ater i S tuff ? This relationship is either based almost exclusively on sex, status, or the material things one gets out of the relationship. Without one or more of these elements, there would not be much there. There is not a lot of fun or deeper getting-to-know- each-other. U n c ond i i ? You both feel appreciated for who you really are. You don’t have to pretend or play games. You do not have to be perfect. You can tell each other about behaviors in each other that you don’t li ke. You support each other in making changes that you each decide to work on. You each show you genuinely care about the other. E qual , R e s pe c tful , and S upport i ? Both treat each other well. Neither dominates or consistently gives in. Both feel respected. Each feels their thoughts, feelings, and needs are important to the other. They know differences and disagreements are inevitable in a relationship and do not put each other down when these occur. Both feel encourages by the other to develop and better themselves. A ttra c t i on M any L evel s ? This couple has chemistry, but they also enjoy talking and getting to know each other. They have fun doing things based on shared interests and are open to trying new activities that the other person values. They balance time together, apart, and with friends. This relationship is based on a lot more than looks, status, or material things. Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Lesson 6: RESOURCE 6D 132 Unhealthy?orHealthyitIs
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