46 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Imagine you’re a child about to be born. You are making a wish list of the needs and wants you hope your parents will provide. Make a list of what you think a child might need or want at different stages of life—as a baby, toddler, school-age child, teenager. Think of all the things that would help a child. You can include material things—like the basics of food or shelter—but also include social and emotional needs of children at different stages that would help a child grow up safe, healthy, and happy. For example, what might contribute to a child’s physical health and foster their emotional health? What helps a child’s self-esteem—feeling competent, confident, and good about themselves? What helps a kid succeed in school? What helps a teenager stay on track and out of trouble? What behaviors and characteristics of parents help? Consider anything and everything you can. My Wish List of Wants and Needs As a baby: As a toddler: As a school-age child: As a teenager: A Child’s Wish List Sample Do Not Distribute a child’s wish list
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