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Read each pair of contrasting statements and rate yourself on each one
by writing in a number between 1 and 10 for where you fall at this time.
Then, go back over and star the areas you’ve matured in the most in the
past year or two. Afterward, if you have a partner, rate them.
Thinks only of self, acts
only in self-interest
Does the right thing only if others are
watching or fears being caught
Insecure, needs to go
along with the crowd
Focuses only on immediate pleasure,
has no concern about the future
Confuses love with
physical attraction
Believes associating with certain people
makes one better, more valuable
Expresses strong
emotions aggressively
Can’t admit when wrong,
covers up mistakes
Thinks about what they say or do and
how it affects others
Does the right thing even if
no one is looking
Independent, knows own mind and
values, resists pressure
Responsible, can put off immediate
pleasure to do what’s necessary
Recognizes that love is more
than physical attraction
Creates own identity, works to develop
as competent, worthy
Expresses strong emotions
assertively and safely
Can admit to being wrong, is
not afraid to make a mistake
Scale of
Adapted and used with permission from The Art of Loving Well, Boston, MA: Boston University Publications.
1 10
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